4 Session Package: A Saving of $40

Treat you and your loved ones to a deeply relaxing massage session. With our four-session bundle, you save $10 per visit, it’s $40 of savings in total (equivalent to a 30min Swedish session). Schedule a session to relax, unwind, and share your love with friends and family.

*Offer applies to 60min or 90min sessions only. Coupons may be redeemed on the day of purchase and shared with others; coupon(s) must be presented for the corresponding session(s). Gift certificates are also available.

Which Type of Massage is Right For You?

At Hanna Spa, we offer three types of massage modalities: Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Shiatsu. In this article, you will find a brief description of each type. To make things easier, we have categorized the services that may best suit your needs.

At a Glance

MAIN BENEFITS Relaxing, eases tension Relief from chronic pain or muscle spasms Balancing the internal energy system
SYMPTOMS Light muscle pains Chronic muscle spasms and cramps Muscle Stiffness, headaches, PMS, digestive disorders
HOW IT WORKS Promotes blood circulation Releases deep areas of tension Clears excess or stagnant energies
DRY / OIL Massage oil applied Massage oil applied Dry massage (no oil)
ACCESSORY Hot stones included Hot stones included Cupping available* as an additional add-on service

*Please call (631) 587 3333 for availability.

Take me to a world of relaxation.



Swedish massage is the most classical massage in the west, and is the foundation for sports and deep tissue massages. Therapists apply oil to the skin, and typically use long, gliding strokes, circular rubbing movements, and vibration techniques to stimulate blood toward the heart for improved circulation. A Swedish session helps to calm the nervous system, promote a sense of relaxation, reduce tension and anxiety in the body. Enhanced blood circulation energizes the body and rejuvenates both the physical and emotional sheaths. If you experience muscle cramps or spasms, talk with our therapists. Our skilled therapists will focus on your problems areas to relieve pain, while integrating relaxation to the overall treatment plan.

Deep Tissue:

Do you experience heavy soreness from poor posture or have chronic pain and spasms? While Swedish helps to relieve tensions, a deep tissue massage session is more suitable for providing relief to deeper muscle tissues. Similar to Swedish, massage is oil is applied to the body and therapists utilize various massage techniques such as effleurage, kneading, friction, stretching, and tapping; however, in a deep tissue session, therapists will apply a stronger, constant pressure against the pain area until the muscle relaxes. If you prefer firmer pressure to get relief from chronic muscle pain, a deep tissue session would be a better fit.


Shiatsu is a Japanese massage term for “finger pressure.” This modality is based on ideas in traditional Chinese medicine. The underlying principle is in balancing the energy system by stimulating the meridians. According to AOBTA, an organization that supports Asian Bodywork Therapy, Japanese Ministry of Health defines shiatsu as “a form of manipulation by thumbs, fingers and palms without the use of instruments, mechanical or otherwise, to apply pressure to the human skin to correct internal malfunctions, promote and maintain health, and treat specific diseases.” In Eastern philosophy, Yin and Yang need to be balanced for optimal health and well-being. When energy blocks are cleared from the inside, we naturally return to the original state of harmony. Shiatsu is ideal for people who would like to gain steadiness and stability in body and mind. It is used in treating headaches, PMS, fatigue, anxiety, digestive disorders, and muskuloskeletal pain, including lower back, neck, and the joints. Shiatsu is also a great alternative if you are allergic to massage oils; no oil is applied in this modality.


Our body goes through changes and may need different modalities depending on the condition. If you are not sure which modality might be right for you, our dedicated staff are always available to assist you based on your needs. If you would like to schedule an appointment or speak with one of our members, please call us at (631) 587 3333. For on-line bookings, please click on the “Schedule” button below.


Take me to a world of relaxation.